How To Take Care Of Your Gardening Tools

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If you’re reading this you have probably taken some interest in gardening. In case you’re already into gardening or still contemplating about this new hobby (by the way, here are some reasons why you should totally try gardening), it’s important to know the basics. Like, what essential gardening tools do you need? And how do you take care of them?

Why Keep Your Gardening Tools in Shape?

Like any other tools, it is vital to keep your gardening tools in tip-top shape. If you want your gardening tools to last a lot longer, then maintaining and taking care of them is the way to do it. This will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Taking Care Of Your Gardening Tools

The last probably anyone wants to do after a few hours of gardening is cleaning. It is super tempting to just leave out your tools and just rest. However, a responsible gardener knows that if he/she takes care of their gardening tools then it will take care of them back. So, here are some ways to how you can keep your gardening tools in excellent condition:

Cleaning – the most basic and easiest thing to do to keep your gardening tools in shape is to clean them. Gather all your tools, get a bucket of warm water, steel/wire brush and start brushing them. Make sure that you get all the dirt out and scrub the remaining with warm water. After brushing/scrubbing them, rinse them and let it air dry or pat them with a towel. Remember to be extra careful handling your gardening tools.

Oil – apply oil to your gardening tools that need lubrication. A tip from Garden Tool Co., use Boiled Linseed Oil instead of petroleum-based oil on your garden tools. Petroleum-based oil usually ends up transferring on your tools and then to the soil in your garden, which is not good. Apply the oil liberally to your tools and let it sit for 15 minutes, after that, you can wipe off the excess from your gardening tools.

Sharpening – set aside a day or an hour to sharpen your cutting tools. As well as the blades of shovels and spades during the gardening season. A hone or whetstone should be used for sharpening cutting tools. A file should be used to remove nicks and smooth the edge of your shovels and trowels.

Storage – keep your tools in a dry storage – whether it’s a storage box or a shed. Don’t leave your tools lying around even if you are going to use them the next day. A great way to store small spades and trowels is by keeping them in a pot filled with sand that has been soaked with motor oil. This helps keep the metal well-conditioned. For larger tools, make sure to store them in a well-ventilated area to keep them from rusting. You can also organize your tools by using a pegboard.

Taking care of your gardening tools is a commitment. However, if you keep this commitment, your tools will serve you a long time. How do you take care of your gardening tools? Share them in the comment section.

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