The Basics of a Victorian Styled Bedroom

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Wondering how to get that Victorian-inspired look for your bedroom? Make sure to bookmark this article, or better yet, be ready with your pen and paper to list the things you need to have and make that dream bedroom come true.

What is a Victorian Styled Bedroom?

A Victorian-styled bedroom is expected to reflect grandeur, beauty, and social etiquette, especially a master bedroom.

 Imagine a space that has almost everything in it: curtains and luxe fabrics, a large size bed, and wall decor, these are just some of the things you can expect to see in a Victorian-styled bedroom. For this reason, it is essential that the design and choices of materials are well-thought-of so as not to over-decorate your room.

The 3 Basics of a Victorian-Styled Bedroom

Ready to feel like and live like a queen? Here are the three basics of creating a Victorian-styled bedroom:

  1. Victorian Color Palette

Set the mood with your choice of Victorian colors. The shades of crimson and green are some of the colors you could choose from as these are mostly represented either in the early, mid, or late Victorian era. You may also opt for cream or beige. Make sure to choose a color palette that complements each other – picking the color is one of the keys to making sure that everything inside your room looks balanced and harmonious.

Victorian Styled Bedroom

2. Sleep Like a Queen
We are pretty sure that your bed should be the most relaxing part of your bedroom. This is why having cozy bed linen, pillows, and blanket is essential. However, apart from the comfortability, keep in mind the Victorian-style theme you are aiming for. To get this effect, place at least two large pillows and two medium size ones on your bed.

The design and pattern of your beddings should include either vintage gold and grey color floral combinations, other floral patterns, or laced pillows, especially those made of Honiton lace. The use of lace became popular after Queen Victoria chose it as a material for her wedding dress. Tassels are also highly used in fabrics during the Victorian period.

Bed size, especially for a master bedroom, should at least be a double-sized bed. However, if you already have a bed you can just compensate for the size with your grand bedding. Walnut, Oak, and Mahogany are the top suggestions for your bed frame, which you can match with a wall canopy. A brass bed can be added to your list of selections.

3. Grandeur Everywhere

As we mentioned earlier, you may opt for floral designs or patterned wall decors. We suggest using wallpapers instead of merely painting your walls or ceiling so you could easily replace them with other designs in case you want a revamped layout or pattern to refresh your Victorian-styled bedroom.

Lavish draperies, which would harmonize with other linens and fabrics inside the room, are also an element of the Victorian era. Heavy or thick curtains were also a symbol of how Victorians valued their privacy and social status.

Although the Victorian-styled bedroom is merely the opposite of a minimalist room that would present a somewhat busy environment, it is always suggested to plan everything well before purchasing your furniture, ornaments, and fabrics. You don’t want to find yourself getting overwhelmed with all the furniture or accessories and not being able to put harmony in your room.

To sum it up, abundance, refinement, and social etiquette are three of the basic references for your Victorian-inspired bedroom.

What do you think about a Victorian-styled bedroom, is this something you’ve dreamed of having? Leave a comment below!

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