Are you missing the tropics but don’t have the luxury to go to a tropical island? Then fret not, we’re going to bring the tropics to you with just a few simple design ideas. Unlike the coastal design (check out Coastal design ideas), the tropical interior design is all about nature and the use of natural materials. It’s very warm, relaxing and airy. If you love being under the sun, then you’ll love these tropical interior designs!

What is Tropical Interior Design?

In a post by Interiors by Steven G, he defined Tropical interior design as a style that involves the use of many natural materials, such as wicker, rattan, bamboo and teak. You can also go tropical with fabrics featuring palm leaves, lattice prints and flowers. Think Bali and the most beautiful beaches in the world. Basically, it’s like summer forever.

The Best of Tropical Interior Design

Create your own tropical paradise in the comfort of your own home with some of the best tropical interior design:


Throw Pillows

Play with patterns and designs with a tropical interior design. Add a few pillows to your sofa or your bed with a tropical patterned throw pillow. The tropical flair creates warmth and gives your home a fresh vibe. 

Tropical Design
Naxos Tropical Toss Pillow – $78
Panay Tropical Toss Pillow – $78


Your walls are a big part of your home so if you want to make a statement, do it with your wall. Find a section (remove the old wallpaper)  and install a tropical jungle wallpaper to create a tropical vibe. Because of its color and design, it creates a focal point that will highlight your whole tropical look.

Tropical Interior Design
Tropical Self Adhesive Wallpaper in Jungle Green – $98
Tropical Interior Design
Catalina Scales Wallpaper in Aqua – $40

Rattan Chairs

Swap your old and boring dining chairs for a more suited piece like a rattan chair. Tropical design uses a lot of natural materials and rattan is one of them. They look visually appealing and not to mention very airy.

Calero Rattan Round Stool – $148
Islay Rattan Lounge Chair – $548

Big Plants

Adore your house with big fake plants or real plants. The bigger, the better. If not, you can buy those big fake leaves you put in a vase. This is another simple trick to incorporate the summer vibe in your home.

Big Palm Tree – $72.89

Ficus Lyrata – ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig' Tree – $26.99


Mirrors are not necessarily a prominent element feature of the tropical design, but as we all know, mirrors create space. It also reflects light which is a must in this interior design. You can purchase a big plain mirror or to a more intricately designed mirror.

Hanging Storage Floor Mirror – $350


Get a wooden or rattan material overhead lights. This adds to your look and will enhance the look of your space. Just remember to get those lights that use natural materials.

Simple Chandelier Nordic Restaurant Lights Led Bamboo – $78 

Tropical Decor

Have fun adding decor to your home, just remember to stick to your “tropical” theme and go from there. Get a painting of the beach, sea or even personal photos you took from one of your beach trips.

Tropical Bar Metal Novelty Surf Board Sign – $10.99 

Kreative Arts Hawaii Pineapple Tropical Fruit Wall Art Decor – $22.98

These are some easy tips to bring the tropics to you. How do you incorporate the tropical design in your home? Leave a comment and share them below!