The Best Ways to Add Colors In Your Garden

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Green, green, and more green. If this is all you see in your garden, boring is an understatement. How about adding more colors to your garden?

Adding Colors in Your Garden with Plants

What’s better than having a garden? A garden with various colors! What better way to do it? By planting colorful plants and flowers! So, are you ready to add some colors to your garden? Here’s how:

Get nature’s help
A natural way to put in more colors is to make sure you have flowers that bloom in different seasons, such as Peonies, Baby’s Breath, and Roses. This would make sure that you have added colors in each season. On the other hand, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, and Gerbera Daisy are not particularly affected by varying seasons, which is also a good option since they can give vibrancy all year round.

Colors in bloom

Here are some flower options grouped by their colors:

The Blues

  1. Perennial Geranium (Rozanne)
  2. Blue Hydrangea
  3. Grape Hyacinth
  4. Salvia selections: Salvia azurea or S. patens, May Night or Blue Mound

The Purples

  1. Purple Flash Pepper
  2. Purple Pansy
  3. Royal Candles Veronica
  4. Purple Bee Balm

The Yellows

  1. Yellow sand verbena
  2. Rayless golden head
  3. Aconite
  4. Pot Marigold

Other Colors:

  1. Sneezeweed (red, orange, and yellow)
  2. Stonecrop (reddish pink)
  3. Sweet Alyssum (white, purple, or pink)
  4. White Rose
Colors in Your Garden

Your path to a picturesque garden
Entice guests to visit your lovely garden by placing colorful pathways such as glowing blue stones, mosaic pebbles, and brick pathways.

Furnitures, statues, mini-decor, and more

A piece of outdoor furniture or a set can likewise add color to your dull garden. You can add seats and tables under your garden gazebo and throw in red or yellow colored or beautifully printed throw pillows.

Bring in snow white and the seven dwarfs in your garden, a set of Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and other wooden or ceramic decors like fairies and butterflies.

Your brilliant ideas

If you are fond of doing DIY crafts like mushrooms from terra cotta pots and bird baths, painting them orange can be a good idea. Also, pots that you have personally decorated, either painted or adorned in another way, may cut the monotony in your garden.

Focal points

If you have recently bought a not-so-nice-looking rain collector but would still need it to stay in your garden, lead your guest’s eyes in a different direction, such as a highly colored feature wall. Paint it in yellow sunset or do a floral or cacti wall mural.

Colors to brighten your evening

Consider incorporating solar LED lights, which are highly functional at night but could still add wonderful colors during the daytime. and enhance the beauty of your garden

Other tips for adding color to your garden

  1. Plant in layers. This gives depth to your garden.
  2. Use bright colors for your focal points. It keeps your eyes away from undesirable things in or around your garden.
  3. Decide the color palette that you want to ensure cohesiveness

In summary, visualize how your garden would look like and the stuff that you would utilize. Then, position the colors in strategic places. Additionally, this will help you evenly add colors to your garden.

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