The Law of Attraction and Your Energy

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Following up from my last post where I talked about the Law of Attraction or LOA, I want to dive a little further into the “Attraction” part of Law of Attraction, and how the energy you put out determines what comes back.

The basics of LOA state that what you focus your energy towards, you thereby manifest. Or put simply, if you direct your focus on a goal and keep it, uh, laser-focused, then the goal is already achieved and you are on your way to reaching it. 

But there’s a caveat to that which is caused by the energy you put into the world. Or if you prefer something less esoteric: you’re not going to get what you want by acting like a dick.

LOA energy isn’t just about being kind, though, it’s about specific energy that you might be putting out that is blocking you from reaching your goals.

The Law of Attraction and Your Energy

So let’s say you have a goal to earn more money, and you are SUPER focused on reaching that. But every day you’re worried about money, you’re scared to look at your debt, you’re pinching pennies and afraid to spend any money.

That energy, that fear of money, guess what it’s doing? Yep. You’re stuck in your debt hole because you are sending negative energy about money out into the Universe.

Or say you want to reach a weight loss goal. You diet, you exercise, and you feel like you’re crazy focused on losing weight. But the pounds are coming off.

Let me ask you…how do you feel about your body? Do you genuinely love it and thank it for all it does, or do you look in a mirror and feel bad about what you see reflected back at you? Do you think maybe that’s what could be holding you back from achieving your goal?

Think about it like if you were dating someone and they got super intense and negative. Berating you or saying they wish you were different because what you are now sucks. Would you want to stick around in that relationship? Hell no, you’d peace out and reactivate Tinder.

How do you learn to love money, or your body, or anything when that’s the very thing you want to change?

It’s easier said than done, I know. But you practice mindfulness and love that thing in this moment. So you might want to change your body, but look how strong you are right now and isn’t it incredible all the little mechanisms and systems that are happening inside of you right now?

Or you might want more money, but look at all of the stuff your money has given you today! Your smartphone is an incredible gift, and the home you’re in was given to you by money. Thank you for all of these things, money, I’m excited to receive more!

You see the difference? If you change your thoughts from wanting to gratitude, your whole world will open up to new possibilities. It sounds trite, I know, but I’ve seen it work for me which is why I’m hounding you about it now. 

So take some time this week and write down how you feel about the energy you’re putting out there. Could it be stopping you from achieving your goals? How can you change it so that your goals manifest now?

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