Tips for a Cottage Style Guest House

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If you want your guests to experience comfort and purity and give them a vacation vibe, decorate your guest house in cottage style. This design idea emulates a comfy, casual, and at the same time, personal aesthetic, making it perfect for a guest house.

What’s A “Cottage Style” Guest House?

Beautiful and practical, cottage style is all about florals, with a vintage-ish feel and a mix of old to new accessories from a flea market (while we are at it, check out our 8 Flea Market Shopping Tips). In some ways, cottage style is as much a frame of mind as it is an approach to decorating. Houzz contributor Lisa Frederick said, “There’s an everyday ease in the way it celebrates imperfections, ordinary treasures and blended families of furniture. Cottages tend to be humble, unpretentious and full of heart; traits most of us would be proud to claim.

Tips for a Cottage Style Guest House

Because of its cozy charm, the cottage style is a beloved favorite of many decorators. Here is a variety of tips on how you can design your cottage-style guest house:

Let The Light In

Cottage style is all about brightness and natural light. Ditch vibrant/dark colored curtains and instead, keep your windows bare or settle for white/creamy curtains. You can also opt for a more modern look by adding a touch of green to your guest house.

White Custom Sheer Curtain – $31.29

Natural Linen

Go for natural linens with your beddings. Natural fabrics contribute to its coziness and homey feel. Pick something white with a touch of blue for a subtle pop of color. You can also add pillows with various sizes for that extra personality.

Cottage House
Agrarian Striped Linen Pillow – $95

Wood Accents

Instead of having metals as your focal and accent, cottage style is the opposite. Unlike the modern interior which gives a cold vibe, this design idea is all about warmth and familiarity. Paint your wooden walls white, go for wooden bed frame than a metal one in the bedroom. At the same time, you can decorate your guest house with vintage cabinets or coffee table.

Cottage Style Guesthouse
King Canopy Bed Cane – $789.99

Add Texture

Add texture to your cottage style guest house by utilizing rugs, pillows, bedroom headboard and even blanket. Pick pillows with embellishments or small tassels, or choose a quilt as your blanket. You can also pick soft rugs.

White Modern Style Polyester – $37.09

Play With Pattern

One of the many charms of cottage style is that you can have with the pattern. The most popular pattern for a cottage house is floral. However, you can also do with the different pattern. Add eclectic prints to your guest house’s bedroom or living room curtains.

Cottage Style Guest House
Floral Pattern Grommet Top Curtain – $68.89
Cottage Style Guest House
Black Floral Outdoor – $49.99

Pastel/Soft Colors

The usual color palette for cottage style is white or cream. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate colors. If you want to add colors to your guest house, pick pastel colors or soft colors. This way, it gives off a relaxing and chill vibe.

How did you like these tips? Do you have any more tricks to share? Share them below!

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