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Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a sparkling clean, fragrant bathroom decorated with the chicest furniture. If this excites you, then a Shabby Chic Bathroom may be the perfect interior design choice for you. It has that old glam yet simple and laid-back feel. With Shabby Chic decor, you’ll also have fun finding the cutest furniture for this design trend.

So You Want A Shabby Chic Bathroom

If you’ve been reading our past posts, you might be already familiar with the Shabby Chic interior design trend. But, to give you an idea, Shabby Chic is “a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll French provincial Imagine stumbling into an old abandoned farmhouse and stealing all of the furniture. Shabby chic decor was originally created by Rachel Ashwell (who has an AMAZING store in NYC). Repurposed objects, floral accessories, and old Victorian styles mixed with cottage flair are the staples of this home decor.

Decorating Your Shabby Chic Bathroom

Are you running out of ideas on how to decorate your shabby chic bathroom, or you’re just looking for some inspiration? If you are, here are some useful tips on how you can decorate your bathroom:

Paint Your Walls Light

If you’re redoing your walls (especially for this project), choose a color that is light. White, pastel colors, light gray – pick a muted color. Painting or choosing a light color for your walls will accentuate the furniture pieces in your bathroom.


Add Curtains/Blinds

Consider adding real curtains to your bathroom. And not plastic shower curtains but fabric curtains or blinds. If you’re worried about your curtains getting wet, some specialty shops are offering waterproof shades.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

A Shabby chic decor won’t be complete without an ornate mirror. If you want your bathroom to look spacious and bright, just place a mirror in there. A mirror reflects light, so it instantly brightens up the whole room. A wooden, Victorian piece or a vintage mirror would be perfect.

Ardenay Mirror Light – $597.99

Glass Jars

Organize your toiletries or supplies in glass jars. It looks neat, and it’s pretty inexpensive, too. Arrange them on an open shelf or place them on your countertops. You can select various glass jars for your stuff depending on their sizes.



Not a lot of people place their dressers in their bathroom but, for a Shabby Chic bathroom, you may want to reconsider that. Dressers/cabinets can also serve as your focal point, pick a vintage table or a Victorian-themed one. Alternatively, you can also use old dressers and upcycle them.

Cottage Shutte – $279.54

Decorate It

Shabby chic is probably one of the most enjoyable interior designs to decorate. It’s straightforward and timeless. Some good pieces to decorate your bathroom are candles, flowers (much better if they’re fresh and real), vases, woven bins, or paintings.

Decorating a shabby chic bathroom is really easy. If you let your creative juices run wild, you can do a lot with your bathroom; and you won’t even have to spend a lot. Shabby chic is all about that bright and clean vibe.


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