Our surroundings contribute to our feelings and behavior whether you are a minimalist or not. How do you feel when you look at a blank wall? If staring at a blank wall makes you feel something is lacking, then here are some ways on how you could transform your house interior walls and make it more vibrant and alive.

13 Ways to Transform Your Interior Walls

Tired of your plain walls? Here are 13 fun ways to transform your boring walls at home:


Your Kid’s Animated Wall

Let’s start with your kid’s room.

There are times when we need to convince our children to stay inside their room. But most often than not, we find it hard to do so. Why? It’s because they’re either afraid to be alone or they find it boring. Decorating their bedroom wall, can, however, avoid this issue from rising in the first place. It’s all about encouraging them to be in their room.  Their walls can be designed with their favorite animals, cartoon characters or superhero.

Did we hear you love it too?

3D Wallpapers for Your Living Room

If you’re a fan of Spiderman, don’t despair. You can get a 3D wallpaper in your living room. This would be perfect if you have a game room.

Spiderman 3D Cracked Children Themed Art Boy Room Wall Sticker Home Decal – $6.60

Geometric Shapes

Innovate with how you would like to paint your wall. Check out these geometric tape painting ideas, or you can actually customize your own.

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Show Off Your Achievements

Show off of your diplomas, certificates, and other credentials by hanging them on your wall. Make sure to use nice frames that would complement your living room design.

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Be an Inspiration to Others

Dedicate one wall space to hang or place motivational quotes. Your family and friends can look at it when they are waiting for you getting dressed up for your party or dinner.

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Be Proud of Your Family

Another great way to liven up your interior wall is to place a photo gallery of your family ancestry. It would be nice to hang a portrait of the family and each member, or perhaps your craziest and most memorable get-togethers.

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Repurpose Your Memorabilia

Some moms are able to keep vintage plates, old frames, and crocheted placemats. These can bring back memories and somehow educate the new generation of how simple life was back then.

Show off Your Beach Collections

Hang a wood shelf and arrange your sand nicely in a bottle, stones, and seashells. It’s an awesome idea if you’d want to have a beach vibe in your room.

Add Ornaments to Your Beach Collections

Put small indoor plants together with your beach collections.  This way, you bring nature closer to your home. And what happens when you’ve got a dose of it inside? You are easily relieved from stress.

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A Wall and an Extra Space

Transforming your wall isn’t just about putting a design or hanging things up there.  If that blank wall is located in a vacant space inside your home, an aquarium with a colorful school of fish can be placed at its front. This helps break the dullness of that empty space and wall. You can also place two nice lamps on the wall. Not only will this serve as additional lighting for your aquarium, but this will also add a relaxing vibe inside your living space.

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Tis the Season Wall

Dedicate an interior wall where you can change the decors appropriate for the coming holidays or season.  

Gastronomic Walls

Two of the most neglected walls inside a house are the kitchen walls and the walls at the dining area.

Make use of this space by having your cooking utensils as decorations for your kitchen walls. This is a great idea if you have limited space.  Hang a few of your cooking utensils on your wall and frame it with a plank of nice wood to serve as its border or paint it with one.

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A painting or picture of fruits or other luscious food would be an appropriate wall décor in your dining area as well.