No Shit September

What a week it’s been

by megan
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Since my last post about our house, oh man have things moved. Immediately after posting that, we got the notification that our offer was accepted so we were like

Then began what I’m lovingly(?) referring to as The Gauntlet because so much had to be done to our home in a short amount of time due to HUD restrictions. This included:

  • Getting the authorization to turn on utilities for only the 3 days we were allowed
  • Turning electricity on
  • Turning water on
  • De-winterizing pipes
  • Gas pressure test
  • Turning gas on
  • Inspection
  • Radon test
  • Shutting off utilities

You guys, it was a THING. Oh man…but we have survived! The house had a few blips, which was to be expected since it’s been closed up for so long, but otherwise, we are good to go and are now looking at the end of the line:


We’ve gotten the approval for our insurance, now we wait for the lawyer to finish up the paperwork. Our anticipating closing date is August 31.


(Once again)

So now plan on seeing a lot more posts about our (not beige) house and my ridiculous plans for each room. Stay tuned!

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