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What is Hygge Decor?

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When it comes to fashion or interior design trend, you can bet that the Danish are on top of it and not just on top, but also in style. If you are a home decor or a lifestyle enthusiast, you must have heard of “Hygge” (pronounced as “hoo-ga” or “hue-gah). But, what is Hygge exactly and why more and more people are adapting the Hygge decor?


Hygge Decor, Going Beyond Design Trend

The origin of the word hygge is Norwegian and old Nordic. It means seeking refuge, protection, and shelter from the raging of the outside elements. Hygge came into use in the Danish language in the 18th century. It is very much a middle-class concept.

 Often described as “coziness” in English, Hygge has no literal translation which makes it difficult to precisely know its meaning. The term is more loosely interpreted as a mood, lifestyle, or even a mental state.

Meanwhile, Hygge Decor is all about being neat, clean and most especially tidy. This design trend also comes with a certain level of comfort and warmth. Sticking to its core, you don’t have to own a big house or be extravagant, however, you must not also be unorganized or filthy with your space.

Incorporating Hygge Decor Into Your House

Because of the peace and zen a Hygge decor brings, this design trend is almost a safe haven for busy people like us. It aims to bring relief and tranquility. If Hygge is still not a part of your homes decor, here are some basic tips you can start with:

Splurge on Candles

Being one of the largest consumers of candles in Europe, the Danes have taken advantage of the coziness a candlelight glow brings. Whether it’s scented, unscented, big or small, a candle is a must-have for Hygge decor.

Chesapeake Bay Candle Mind & Body Scented Candle with Lid – $9.99

Comfy Seats

A definite no-brainer, a comfortable seat is one of the things that complete a Hygge house. There’s no specific style or design that you must buy, but keep in mind that it should make you feel snug and rested. As for the color, choose a scheme that it is not too bright or loud.

Hygge decor
Fabian Sleeper Sofa Queen Size – $1588


Adding texture to your Hygge house instantly gives it that relaxing feeling especially with soft textures. Throw in some faux fur throws, fluffy pillows, and rugs. Incorporating and layering different types of textured materials like wool and cashmere along with your candles makes your Hygge decor authentic.

Handcrafted Quilted Throw Pillow – $145
2 Piece Wall Art Set with Feather Design – $109.99

Don’t Over Do It

Hygge may be about indulgence, but it is never about extravagance. You don’t have to overhaul or over decorate your house for the sake of impressing a few guests or friends. Instead, create a space that you and your friends will enjoy – a place where you can talk and lay back after a long day snuggled to your fluffy pillows.

Hygge Decor

Now that you know what hygge decor is, start small and incorporate it your home. Hygge is all about relaxation and tranquility, don’t stress yourself. Now, sit back and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with your fellow hyggeligt (hygge-like).

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