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What is Shiplap? (And Ideas For Your Home!)

by Dannica
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Thanks to HGTV’s Fixer Upper, shiplap has been the talk of the (interior) town! This type of finish or design has been gaining popularity because of Fixer Upper’s Chip and Jojo’s fondness for using this style. If you love rustic charm (while you’re at it, check out our post “What is Rustic Decor?”) and subtle chic texture, you will surely fall in love with the shiplap interior style. But what is shiplap anyway? Read on to find out what shiplap is, and you can incorporate it into your home.

What is Shiplap?

Before shiplap became famous as an interior paneling design, it was first used as an exterior siding. According to House Contributor Matt Clawson, “Shiplap is sort of rustic, sort of raw, and sort of looks like it should be installed outside rather than in. A shiplap board is milled with a halved groove called a rabbet so the edges connect snugly together, one on top of the other, leaving a distinctive reveal line between boards. Unlike the tongue and groove paneling, where the boards/planks are closer together, giving a tighter seal, it has a bit of space in between the boards creating a more pronounced line.

Shiplap Ideas For Your Home

Here are some fresh ways to add shiplap in your home:

Shiplap Accent Wall

An accent wall is a good way to break up a room or showcase an interior feature – shiplap. Add it to a side of your living room. Get some boards and install it in where ever you like, then paint them with a color that will complement the whole room.

Shiplap Wallpaper in Light Neutrals and Grey – $10

Coastal Kitchen

Shiplap is perfect for an interior design like coastal (see our Coastal Kitchen Ideas) as it gives a carefree and open feeling. If you are fond of beach houses, adding this interior design style to your kitchen will add this vibe.

Fish Figurines – $94


Add character to your bathroom by adding this style. If you’re minimalistic, you can paint it white. Meanwhile, if you are more into a classic rustic style, you can paint it with antique cherry or oak.


Like beadboard paneling, you can use this interior paneling design to add flair to your bare ceiling. This is also a good feature to make some changes in your home while staying on a budget.

Light Clear Pendant – $130


The fantastic thing about Shiplap is it goes well with a lot of design aesthetics – minimalistic, coastal, or even shabby chic so if you are going for these types of design ideas in your home, you might want to include some of its elements in your bedroom. It’s inexpensive and straightforward to install as well as to decorate.

Modern Exterior

Like its original purpose, you can modernize using this painting style as a wall or exterior paneling/siding by installing it vertically and painting it with dark brown or rustic black.

Overall, shiplap is a fun and easy element to add to your home. It is very flexible, and you do a lot to it. How are you going to include it in your home? Comment below!

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