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This post was sponsored by A’vant Vanity Surfaces but the opinions are my own.

Honey Oak is the bane of my existence. I get it was a thing, and some people can do amazing looking rooms with a honey oak cabinet…but I am not one of those people.

When we bought our house, there was honey oak as far as the eye could see. Honey oak kitchen, honey oak bathroom, even our floors have a honey oak look to them in the right light.


Which is why we keep our living room so dark. Cause ain’t nobody got time for honey oak.

Our downstairs bathroom is the main bathroom of our home. It’s by far the bigger of the two bathrooms and is easy access for guests, so it gets a lot of traffic. And every time I went in there, I would stare at our honey oak cabinets and think “there has to be a better way.”


In a fit of random energy one week night, I decided to tackle my annoyance by sanding them down and staining them Kona wood using leftover stain from our kitchen. It must’ve been a sight for the Mr. – he comes downstairs and sees the bathroom in complete disarray with no heads up from me that this was happening. Luckily, we both (and Bettie, obviously) really liked the result:


It looks so much more dramatic, right? We’re really happy with the results, though it leads us down the rabbit hole of bathroom remodeling: Now we need to update everything else to match!

In addition to the varying shades of cream tile on the wall, we really really need to come up with a better solution for our bathroom vanity. Don’t get me wrong, so far this vanity has been fine, but it’s pretty old, has scratches on the seashell form of the sink, and could use an update that would be more complimentary to our new stain.

I went digging around A’vant Vanity’s website and came up with some ideas, what do you think?

I could go with something a little brown-ish to help pull out the deep tones of the stain, like their Apollo finish:


Using that would make the wall tile a little less contrasting which would make my life easier, though I’m not sure if having an all beige bathroom would work. It might feel a little dated, right? Maybe instead I could do something a little more dramatic, like their “Casablanca” which is a super clean white.

That would offer up more options for the rest of the color palette, and I think to make a brilliant contrast against the dark stain. Also, I really like the almost sterile look of it – just so white and clean!

There are a ton of options through A’vant, though, and I’m getting into analysis paralysis looking through them all! Stay tuned for the next round of bathroom updates where we pick out what updates happen next.

If you’re interested in following along with me in your own home, A’vant Vanity Surfaces work with tons of local dealers, and you can even explore samples before making your pick, or hit up their Pinterest boards for great ideas! Check out their video below for more details:

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Diego Lopes October 25, 2017 - 1:08 pm

Really like this style, didn’t know much about it before but it seems like a nice combination of classic with bright and bold colors.

megan November 5, 2017 - 5:45 pm

thanks, Diego!


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