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Note: Babbleboxx sponsored this post because they’re awesome, but they don’t get to say whassup with this post. All opinions are my own.

First, can we get a moment to talk about the insanity that is holiday decorations? Nov 1 the Halloween stuff comes down and immediately gets replaced with Christmas stuff. Shout out to my fellow Halloweenians who want to keep their skulls and witches up a little longer.

Winter weather seems to have come earlier this year than in 2017, so Steve and I have begun to hunker down and prepare for the holidays. Since it’s an even year, we get to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hannukah at home with the pets (odd years we go visit both sides of the family) so when Babbleboxx was like “you’re going to need some help when you get snowed in” and sent us a care package, we were the happiest little home nerds in our neighborhood.


Our care package included ECOVACS DEEBOT 900, a Chesapeake Bay Candle “Pumpkin Latte” small candle, a Luxe Hardcore Sheet Set from Brooklinen, Element Color Plus 2k kit + Element Color Plus light bulbs from Sengled, Smooth Top Easy Liner Shelf Liner, and a 2′ Iced Mini Pine Artificial Christmas Tree in Galvanized Bucket by Northlight from Christmas Central.



We’ve been super-nerdy about playing with the DEEBOT 900, partly because of its cleaning abilities and partly because it freaks the pets out. I downloaded the ECOVACS app and set up a schedule of Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and I like to watch it run on the app (like I said, nerdy) while I’m at work. It’s a super-versatile vacuum that’s helped us keep up with the mountains of hair we and the animals produce:

Sexy, amiright?

The amount of stuff it’s picked up in 2 weeks is astonishing and has really helped us take the anxiety out of keeping our home clean while we’re running our busy lives.

Find out more (PS, they’re going to run a Cyber Monday sale!):

Brooklinen Hardcore Luxe Sheet Set

White sheets terrify us. It just seems like a disaster waiting to happen, so when we opened up the Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore sheet set, we were a little worried that these wouldn’t last but we’ve actually been pleasantly surprised.

Steve: They’re like sheets from a fancy hotel!

The sheets have a faintly glossy finish thanks to their 480 thread count, and I appreciate that we can mix and match anything from the Hardcore line that can coincide with the changing seasons…or when Jimmy walks his muddy paws over it, and we need to make it look like actual adults live here.


Brooklinen is giving Beige Housers $20 off any order of $50 or more til 12/31/18 with the code beige20. Go Shop

Sengled Light Bulbs and other Lighting

Our house has a very dark and brooding vibe to it, so balancing that out with lighting is important, especially when it gets dark so much earlier in winter. Of concern, in particular, are the downstairs living room and my office. My office had a “healthy” bulb from another company that I loved as a concept (reducing blue light), but it just wasn’t bright enough for the room, so I immediately replaced it with the Element Color Plus color LED bulb from the 2-pack kit and replaced our other smart bulb in the living room, too (same problem: cool concept, not enough light). What I most love is the ability to change the hue, which really helps when I need to focus on getting the right colors for the vintage jewelry we sell on Etsy.

I haven’t installed the Solo Color Plus bulb yet, but I’m thinking of saving it for next Halloween. The ability to have control over sound and color from a smart light bulb is really going to up our game in terms of scaring the trick-or-treaters.

Sengled will be offering 25 – 30% off selected products this Black Friday. Find out more info on their bundles here

For an added bonus, we use the Pumpkin Latte candle from Chesapeake Bay Candle in the living to add a little ambiance (and make us feel like snuggling, watching the snow, and sighing heavily as we accept our snowed-in fate. Seriously, it’s already begun to snow.)


We have yet to use the Smooth Top Easy Liner or the 2′ Christmas tree by Northlight, so stay tuned for them to be featured in upcoming house projects. I think I’m going to take the mini green pine Christmas Tree to work, actually, because it’s so lovely. The non-adhesive shelf liners are going to come in handy when we do the kitchen overhaul.

So thanks to Babbleboxx for making sure were taken care of during the impending winter clusterfluff and thanks to all of these amazing companies! Check out their products by clicking the links above (especially before Cyber Monday. For reals)

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